Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reason #9: Beep Beep Blog

From MannDubinBlog: Blog Wars, Episode 1: The Response.

(One of our interns peeing on the Beep Beep Blogger)
Ok folks. It's been a while since you've heard from us, but that's simply because...well I've got nothing to offer. Sorry.

In fact, we wouldn't even be writing to you had it not been for this OTP child-molesting turd burglar. Seriously- this mofo has the cajones to challenge us and call MannDubinBlog a "douche?" We're here to discuss why the Beep Beep Blogger needs to quit hating.

So this "native Atlantan" decided to respond to our Why I Hate Atlanta blog. First, he offers that traffic is only bad outside the perimeter. Really bro? Take a ride down Dekalb Ave around 5PM and talk to me then. Better yet, ride your bike down Dekalb Ave then talk to me. More on that later.

Second, he asserts that there aren't too many Peachtrees in Atlanta. This indicates that he's much too busy touching children as they get off the Gwinnett County school buses instead of opening his eyes. Hit me up from the Shell station at Peachtree St. and Peachtree Cir., douche.

Third, he asserts that business turnover isn't a problem, or that it's at least limited to Cobb County. This man has obviously never spent any time inside the perimeter, or he'd have fond memories of places like I.F.O in L5P or Mulligan's in Decatur (Home of the Luther Burger). If he hasn't left his house to arrive at a closed-down restaurant then this mofo is obviously not a native Atlantan. Explain yourself, douchebag.

Fourth, he explains that he believes there is a significant population of native Atlantans remaining in the city. DUDE, you've got to be kidding me. I'm not talking about OTP folks anymore, I'm talking about the fact that most people you meet have moved to Atlanta from other places around the country. That's a fact, homie, talk to Shirley Franklin. Douche-nozzle.

Fifth, he is correct in his assertion that MARTA sucks. But he's a damned liar if he says he rides regularly. Want to find me, Mr. Jimmy James? Look for me on my bike or the #6 every fu**ing day because I choose to live without a car- I promise that you wouldn't last a week. Try living without your mom's car for a change, and come find me. You think I'm kidding? When was the last time you took MARTA? They changed the names of the rail lines MONTHS ago, and anyway, the rail system doesn't even count. Take a bus and let me know how that experience is. Here's a tip: get to your stop early, and be ready to arrive at your destination late. Here's a pic from the blunt-smoking dice game that went down at the Five Points station last Friday at 10:00PM:

Alright, Mr. Jimmy James. I challenge you to prove yourself because I don't believe a word you say. AND, last, but not least, you hated on MannDubinBlog before you even looked at the fact that we maintain a blog called Why I Love Atlanta. You're an idiot, and your mother should have seen a second doctor after the botched abortion.

Up yours,

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