Monday, June 29, 2009

Reason #7: you could die at any moment

MannDubinBlog covers breaking news!

Today at approximately 12:15 PM the 4th floor of a parking garage collapsed at 5th and Spring Streets. Luke Jarvis was in his car in the garage at the time and was interviewed by MannDubinBlog immediately after. He said if he hadn't been driving his Transformers car there is no way he could have survived being crushed by tons of steel and concrete.

His car is specially equipped with digging equipment and an earth mover, so he was able to escape relatively easy. Oddly enough, however, Luke said he thinks this was the work of Optimus Prime trying to destroy his Decepticon named Garbotron. If this is in fact the case, we all have a lot to worry about.

In addition to the threat of death from collapsing parking decks and Decepticons, there's always the risk of being robbed at your local Chuck E. Cheese. Since the City of Atlanta is always coming up with new ways to kill you, I hate Atlanta.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photographic evidence, but we all know how Transformers feel about having their pictures taken.

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